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Blue Man Group creates concerts and theatrical shows featuring comedy, dance, multimedia and music. In line, they are also involved in the production of recorded music and scores for television shows and movies.

The performances that combine both music and comedy are centered on a trio who appear in black clothes, greased faces with shiny blue paint, and bald caps.

These are basically mute performers who communicate with through deep eye contacts and simple hand gestures. Hand gestures also known as the famous ‘Blue man salute’ is used where arms are raised in the air.

While, mild caricature movements are used to convey a humor or a sarcastic point.

These movements allow all audience to identify with them and think in a more positive manner.

Tickets to Blue Man Group shows sell out overnight and if you want to catch a show, you better book much in advance. To keep one entertained throughout the show, special music is also played.

For this, different types of percussion instruments are used. These instruments are made of the most basic materials available such as PVC pipes etc. Besides, several other methods are also employed to render music.

For instance, they slide the pieces together to create a different type of music or sound, or cut 2”pipes to a particular length and then bang them with large rubble paddles. Also different type of art forms or paintings are made during a drum scene.

All these and more unique acts make the Blue Man Group Tickets one of the most coveted tickets to a show. History New York-based Blue Man Group was founded by three close friends Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink in 1987. They began by performing in the New York streets.

Following, they staged full length shows with Meryl Vladmier, the Artistic director of THE CLUB approval to commission their works.

With subsequent successful shows, they extended their productions to other places in the US such as Boston, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas etc. Later in 2004, the company entered the international markets by instituting their first overseas production in Berlin.

Also the group in association with Stage Holding, an international entertainment company has opened several production units in Europe.

Now, the group is performing in many major cities thus spreading their experiences worldwide.

Through their shows, the group has earned several acclaims and awards.

Other ventures……….. Over the years, Blue Man Group has also shifted their base to new business areas such as toy development, commercial campaigns, albums, live television programs, and a children’s museum exhibit ‘Making Waves’.

In the coming years, the group plans to venture in other areas of media that are appealing to all age-groups and other cultural backgrounds.

So do not miss the opportunity of buying the ticket to Blue Man Group shows, the next time they perform in your city!

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Blue Man Group - Tier 1 Seating - Adult (10+)
Blue Man Group - Tier 1 Seating - Adult (10+)
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Checkout this Blue Man Group tickets at Universal Orlando. Orlando's newest and most talked about show. Heavy discount is going on on the number of category included Blue Man Group tickets also.



Blue Man Group - Tier 1 Seating - Child (3-9)
Blue Man Group - Tier 1 Seating - Child (3-9)
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Discount tickets for the new and spectacular Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando, Check it out . Admission for show only. Ticket will not give entry to other events or parks at Universal Orlando. Advanced reservations are required for specific dates and showtimes.



Blue Man Group - Tier 2 Seating - Adult (10+)
Blue Man Group - Tier 2 Seating - Adult (10+)
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The colors, music, excitement and live performance are identity of Blue Man Show. This show is performed by the great artists with lighting effects and music. This new form of entertainment can enjoy only by discount Blue Man Tickets. Purchase the ticket and see the new pattern of entertainment.



Blue Man Group - Tier 2 Seating - Child (3-9)
Blue Man Group - Tier 2 Seating - Child (3-9)
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Blue Man show is a new stage performance based on lighting, music and special effect. The Discount Blue Man Tickets give you an opportunity to enjoy the new form of entertainment. Just buy the show tickets and enjoy the magic.



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