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Dinner Shows also known as dinner theater is a unique form of having fun and getting enthralled.

The concept behind the show is that a meal and a theatrical event are clubbed together.

In such shows the play is subsidiary, while the cuisine served is of more important.

But in some shows, the performance is the prime attraction while the food is optional.

On an average, a complete dinner show has three primary entities which are a restaurant, a bar and a stage where the live performance is held.

To make things more interesting, these shows have now become quite interactive; audience participation is encouraged and sometimes even rewarded.

So not only do you go home with memories of a good time with your family, but also take home interesting souvenirs, which just adds to the thrill. Tickets to Dinner Shows sell out pretty quickly as they are quite in demand in all the important tourist destinations.

These tickets are especially coveted if they are in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas Branson, Orlando or Missouri.

In these places, the shows are more extravagant than the others and aim at educating the people about the local culture and heritage.

These shows are mainly meant for the tourists who come to the city for the first time, and are most often parts of the heritage tours.
Many of these dinner shows are run by non-profit and charitable organizations; so much of the proceedings of these show go towards the maintenance and up keep of the heritage buildings and historical sites of the city.

These organizations also receive aids and grants from the government. Most of the people performing in these shows are amateur actors.

Any flaw in acting is however covered up well by the theatrics, antics and the sheer extravagance of the sets.

Some of the most popular dinner shows are the Medieval Nights, Pirates Dinner Adventure and Arabian Nights.

These shows have a historical connotation to them, and depict the period in which they are set, superbly. To add to the excitement and drama, the shows are usually set against a royal backdrop, which only goes to add to its opulence.

Apart from these historical shows, you can also buy tickets to Dinner Shows which are meant for sheer entertainment and drama.

Some of the popular ones belonging to this category wedding parodies like Tony n Tina’s wedding or Joni and Gina’s Wedding.

These shows are very interactive and keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, through out. During the holidays, special shows are organized in order to raise extra funds and also to draw in more crowds.

Riverboat dinner cruises is a new addition to the list of highly proclaimed dinner theaters. In this the showboat cruise is combined with a meal.

So next time you want to have a good time with your children and family, buy a ticket to a dinner show!

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