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Located in the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Quest is a unique amusement park that is lodged in a five story building, which has no windows.

It contains innumerable exciting video games and spine-tingling virtual reality attractions.

The park is quite popular among those people who want to break the monotony of their lives quickly and easily.

It is a place where you and your entire family can have unmatched fun, enjoyment and entertainment.

You begin your journey for Disney Quest from the lobby at the ground floor of the park. By an elevator, you are taken up to the third floor where the mascot of the park Genie welcomes you.

On the first floor, there are two games, Pirates of Caribbean, where you have to steer your ship towards a fortress, filled with gold, while destroying sea monsters and other ships; and Virtual Jungle Cruise, where you have to paddle an inflatable raft down a prehistoric river while steering clear of dinosaurs on the way.

All this and more is accessible with a ticket to Disney Quest.

The second floor of Disney Quest has 6 attractions viz. Radio Disney Song Maker, where you can compose your own song; Cyber Space Mountain, where you can design you own roller coaster and then sit in it and take a ride;

and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, where you can take a ride in Aladdin’s magic carpet, collect gems and find Genie. Living Easels, Animation Academy and Sid’s Create a Toy are other attractions on the second floor.

On the third floor of Disney Quest are two exciting and innovative games based on virtual reality.

The first one is Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, where you become a gigantic pinball on the big projector and by moving your duck back and forth you have to try to collect points; 12 players can play this game.

The other interesting game is Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlaster, where you move about in bumper cars and collect asteroids. You use these asteroids to shoot other car and collect points.

All this is included in your ticket to Disney Quest. In the fourth floor of Disney Quest is Ride the Comix 4, where you can enter into the virtual world of comics.

The fifth floor of the park also has a similar game called Ride Comix 5. Invasion is another interesting attraction on the fifth floor.

Besides the virtual reality games, there are two quick service restaurants in Disney Quest where you get a gamut of delicious food. The price of the Disney Quest tickets usually ranges between $34 and $40.

Once, you have paid for the tickets, admission to all the games and attractions are free of cost.

So, do visit the park and enjoy yourself.

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Disney Quest Ticket - Child (3-9)
Disney Quest Ticket - Child (3-9)
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Visit the Disney world's most incredible indoor interactive Disney theme park, Disney Quest. With over 245 attractions inside, this is a playground for adults and children both. A fantastic themepark to enjoy your trip to the disney world. Most happening place you have experienced ever.



Disney Quest Ticket - Adult (10+)
Disney Quest Ticket - Adult (10+)
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Disney Quest, the most incredible indoor theme park with more than 240 attractions. This is a place for both, children and adult. The Disney Quest Tickets provide best deal during your Disneyland visit. To visit best theme park with wonderful experience purchase Disney Quest Tickets.



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