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It is not possible for everyone to get a chance to visit the Holyland, in reality. However, through Holyland Experience, one may have the experience of a lifetime.

The ticket to Holyland Experience takes you to a place which is built on a Biblical theme and is situated in Orlando, Florida.

Large number of people visits this park daily.

This park presents the characters and happenings which are described by the Holy Bible. The park represents the surrounding made according to what existed two thousand years ago.

For someone who is looking forward to visit the Holyland Experience, it is recommended to plan a several months before the visit and buy the tickets to Holyland experience online.

You can book your tickets in advance and may also get discounts on the tickets, if you look for them online.

For those who are planning to visit this park with a number of people, then you may apply for “Jerusalem Gold Pass”. Holyland Experience is situated in downtown Orlando and extends itself over fifteen acres of land.

By simply strolling around this area, you can experience the Jerusalem as it was in A.D.66. One can also attain knowledge about history of Bible, by visiting the Scriptorium.

Along with acquiring knowledge and experiencing calmness, you can also have food at several Dining places made on themes of Bible.

Also, you may have mementos from the park. Books and Media products can also be purchased for kids to make them aware of certain things which they ought to know.

The Wilderness Tabernacle is amongst the important parts of this park.

It includes reconstruction of movable temples, in which Israelites worshipped for the time span of 40 years, which they spent while wandering in the wild deserts.

It offers such views to visitors that make them feel the extent of sacrifices and ceremonies practiced at those times. With the ticket to Holyland Experience, one can observe the structural designs of those times and understand it deeply by help of Biblical archaeologists.

Artificial representation of the Cave of Qumran and living of Moses, also exist in this park.

One can also attain knowledge about the temple constructed by Herod and its destruction. Holyland Experience is among one of the most famous places in Orlando.

You will also not found huge crowd in this park and thus you can have a peaceful experience here.

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Holy Land Experience - Adult (13+)
Holy Land Experience - Adult (13+)
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The HolyLand Experience is a massive 15 acre theme park, which reflects the age of Jerusalem, 2000 year ago. When will you enter the park? See the old world of Jerusalem, as Jesus and the Roman Empire once known it. Children and adults will be immersed in the sound, sights and events that made the era most important to the Christian faith. To experience the allure of God, buy Holyland Experience Tickets during Orlando visit.



Holy Land Experience - Child (6-12)
Holy Land Experience - Child (6-12)
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To experience the holy allure of Jerusalem, as it was 2000 year ago, the Holy Land Experience in Orlando is must visited attraction. This unique park is dedicated to the Bible believing and Christ-centered missionary. This site is sincere effort to explain the world of God and its sanctity. Just buy the Holy Land Experience Tickets and feel the world of supreme power.



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