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The Medieval Times show is a complete entertainer resplendent with a banquet feast. Undoubtedly this show is rated as one of the most loved ones, in Orlando.

The backdrop of the show is a medieval castle and your hosts are none other than the King and his beautiful daughter.

The Medieval Times tickets takes you back in time and invites you to a royal show.

The guests enjoy a lovely saga of love, romance and adventure.

The show is a delightful combination of food and entertainment, which the whole family can enjoy. The story unfolds on the stage where six brave knights of the kingdom compete with each other to win over the beautiful Princess.

There are great weapons which are used in these ‘staged fights’ and the knights have several rounds of feats to perform, before the winner is decided. Also the audience gets to participate in the show.

The audience is divided according to the colors of the Coat of arms of the knights. So you can sit on the side of arena of your knight, and cheer him on in his endeavors. While the enthralling performance is on, the food is served by serfs.

The competition has different levels to it. first, comes the ring piercing and the Javelin throwing. The last feat is the game of Joust, which was very famous during this period.

This show special, not only because the performers are very talented, but also because the props and background is made such that you are actually transported in time to the Medieval era.

The Medieval Times show ticket entitles you to an evening of complete fun, food and entertainment.

The only camouflage is their serf attire and also the fact that you will be too engrossed in the show to notice when the food is laid out.

The food is served in the style befitting the era and the main course comprises of garlic bread, creamy soups in authentic pewter bowl of the medieval times, farm fresh pepper roasted chicken, spare ribs, and delicious baked potato.

The dinner is brought to an end with a round of delicious pastries and beverages.

You are entitled to more beverages but extra charges apply. So all you have to do now is book your Medieval Times tickets for royal entertainment.

Your trip to the space centre can be of very special value to your family, especially your kids.

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Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets - Adult
Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets - Adult
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To enjoy the live performance at Orlando, Medieval Time is a best place. You will get a chance to enjoy the wonderful performances during medieval feast. If you are above 21, can enjoy two rounds of beer with dinner. This Medieval Times Tickets are valid for all performances in the park. So why are you waiting, buy the tickets and enjoy the show.



Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets - Child
Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets - Child
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The major features of the Medieval Times Tickets are- only 12 and above can enter the dinner & show, the adults above 21 and plus will get two rounds of beer with dinner and tickets are valid for any performance (once you receive tickets you make reservation for the date of your choice by calling the number on the tickets). For enjoy the one of the best dinner shows, just need to buy Medieval Times Tickets.



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