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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows


Are you planning an evening that is filled with fun, excitement, entertainment and merriment? If your answer is yes, then Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is ideal for you.

This one of its kind dinner show will not only allow you to put your sleuthing skills to the test, but will also provide you an opportunity to gorge on a delicious and sumptuous dinner.

The mystery and thrills of the show will surely keep you on the edge of the seat till the very end. In between, you will also be able to relish the good food.

The Sleuth Mystery Dinner Shows are not just for adults, but also for kids.

The Faire of the Shire Show has been especially scripted for kids

. Set in the medieval period, this mystery adventure is highly interactive, and kids simply enjoy all the communication and interaction that occurs throughout the show.

While for the kids Faire of the Shire Show is the best option, for the entire family Merry Mister Adventure Show is a good choice.

All this fun and excitement is all but a step away from you; so go and book your Sleuths Mystery dinner show ticket today.

The Sleuth Mystery Dinner Shows are hosted throughout the week, and each day one of the thirteen mysteries is shown. Each show is a well-scripted mystery that lasts for about two and a half hours.

The audience are welcome to participate in the show; you can take part in the investigations and interrogate any suspect right in the middle of the show.

All through the show you can enjoy soft drinks, beer and wine along with the food.

The dinner of the Sleuth Mystery Dinner Show is delicious, appetizing and mouth-watering. You can have anything from green salad, crackers, dinner rolls, cold and hot hors to prime rib dinner with baked potatoes, cheese lasagna and honey-coated Cornish game hen.

At the end of elaborate dinner, palatable dessert is served. Thus, all in all, the Sleuth Mystery Dinner Show ticket provides wholesome entertainment and good food, for the entire family.

The tickets for the Sleuth Mystery Dinner Show can either be obtained online or from the theater where the show is being hosted. Keep in mind that this dinner show is very popular.

Hence, to avoid last minute confusion, book your tickets in advance.

The price of the regular ticket is around fifty dollars.

For children between the age of eleven years and thirteen years, the price of the ticket is around twenty five dollars each. If your group has more than fifteen people in it, then you can avail the discounts.

For this you have to get in touch with the administration a little in advance. Bulk bookings offer great discounts.

During the weeknights, the price of the discounted ticket is around forty dollars, and on the weekends the discounted Sleuth Mystery Dinner Tickets come for around $39.

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