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Founded by George Millay, Wet N Wild park of Orlando is considered to be one of the best water parks in the United States.

The park spread over an area of 60 acres was a separate entity earlier, but now it is the part of Universal Orlando Resort.

A ticket to Wet N Wild water park takes you away from the dazzling world of Hollywood that is spread all over the Universal Orlando Resort, and provides you the much needed enjoyment, excitement and relaxation.

It is an ideal vacation destination for you and your entire family.

The main attraction of Wet N Wild Water Park is river that lazily meanders around the park.

You can swim through the river or move on the boat, and enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty of the place as well as catch a glimpse of the great historical past of Florida. The Wave Pool Surf Lagoon is another mind-boggling attraction in the park.

Around this water body are numerous comfortable seats that are available for you to sit back, relax and watch the beauty of remarkable waterfalls that punctuate the pool.

You can also put your surfing skills to the test by challenging the four-foot high waves of the wave pool.

All these, and more attractions are reason enough for you to book tickets to Wet N Wild today! The newest attraction of Wet N Wild Water Park is a funnel-shaped gigantic slide called Brain Wash.

You first take an 18m deep plunge and then climb up the walls of the funnel.

In the entire process, you cleanse your mind and emerge out fresh. Another spine-chilling slide is Black Hole where from a hole 1000 gallons of water come out per minute and send you up 150m into an area of complete darkness.

A slide only for dare devils is the Bomb Bay.

In this bloodcurdling slide, you can never predict when a vertical slide will take you down to a depth of 23m. Disco H2O is an amazing and the most popular slide of the Wet N Wild Water Park.

In this ride, you move with the help of a tube through the dark tunnel. Within minutes, the tunnel comes to an end and you find yourself in a room that is filled with enlivening disco music and glittering disco lights.

Because of the nature of some of the water rides, some of them are prohibited for kids. But no need to feel down!

In addition to slides and rides for adults, there a number of water adventures solely for kids like the Bubble Up and Kids Park. Make sure these rides are included in your Wet N wild ticket.

There are two Volleyball nets too where anyone can come and start a game. All in all, Wet N Wild Water Park is a unique fun park where you can relax and rejuvenate.

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Wet N Wild Tickets - Child (3-9)
Wet N Wild Tickets - Child (3-9)
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Wet ‘N’ Wild is specialized place to offer the most excellent type of multi-passenger water adventure. You and your family can enjoy together. It is really exciting to play with water. It is most happening water resort of Orlando. You can purchase Wet ‘N’ Wild Tickets through internet.



Wet N Wild Tickets - Adult (10+)
Wet N Wild Tickets - Adult (10+)
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Wet ‘N’ wild is the only place in the world to get a heart pounding, over-the-edge intensity. There is something for everyone to scream about. Best place for swimming lovers. No needs to worry around 400 lifeguards are always ready to save you.



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